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Resolve Android Java VM error with Ionic/Cordova

Every once in a while, when I attempt to build my Ionic app for an android device, the process fails with this unhelpful mess of errors: My analysis started with something like this: Ok there's a daemon...keep reading...oh looks like its something about Java, of course its Java - its always Java. Ok its crashing...could not reserve enough space? 16GB of RAM isn't enough? And I have the latest version of that blasted program. Against all rational »

Exploring Ways to Test Ionic Apps

Testing is a critical part of any app development. Hybrid apps, such as Cordova/Ionic are particularly interesting, because they are based on HTML/CSS/JS, allowing for a wide variety of emulators using web browsers. The key is to understand the limitations and benefits of the different ways to go about testing. Typically early on, testing is really prototyping, where emulation is used to get frequent feedback on the flow and look of the app, and fidelity of the »

Host Multiple Ghost Blogs on a Single VPS

Ghost is an excellent blogging platform that can easily be setup on a VPS in minutes. Even the smallest VPS is more than powerful enough to support multiple blogs of a typical user. Unfortunately, Ghost does not support multiple blogs in a single instance, but using Nginx we can setup multiple instances on a single VPS. In this guide, we'll be using DigitalOcean as the VPS provider, though using Amazon EC2 or other should be similar. This also means we'll »

Reserve Review: Dining with a Personal Assistant

It's funny how small ideas can turn into entirely new businesses. Such is the case with the new restaurant service Reserve. Reserve aims to make dining a better experience through the use of a digital concierge. Reserve partners with top-tier restaurants to make the entire process seamless. Everything happens through your phone - recommendations, reservations, feedback, and even payment through a credit card on file. All this comes at a cost of a $5 flat fee per reservation. Obviously online »

How to Version Control a Ghost Theme with Git

The Ghost blogging platform has come a long way since its inception, but the development team is still cranking out major updates roughly every other month. I've been struggling to find a development workflow that allows me to customize Ghost without worrying about breaking it when I update to the latest version. I also wanted an environment that allows me to develop and test locally before pushing to a production environment. Because Ghost is run as a service and not »