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When I Will Buy a Smart Watch

Smart watches are at an odd point right now. Everyone thinks they're cool, but nobody knows what to do with them. Are they smartphone companions? fitness trackers? music players? stand-alone devices? Well, they can be any of those, but not in a single device - or at least in a way that makes sense. And that is why I can't buy a smart watch yet. The beauty of a smartphone is that it has truly become an all in one »

The Early Access

Take a look at the best sellers list on Steam. Notice anything interesting? Some of the top games are what’s known as “early access” games. Steam's latest experiment – running for about a year – has clearly had an impact on gaming, but does this model truly produce better games or this a dangerous precedent for the future of game development? the feedback illusion Early Access games ostensibly allow games to be developed with the community’s involvement. These games are »

Exploring Windows Azure

If you spend any time surfing around tech websites, you've probably seen plenty of ads for Microsoft's Azure service. The new Cloud OS. Push notifications simplified. Reduce the need for up-front technology purchases. Create applications running in the cloud. Um...ok, whatever that means. But behind all the confusing buzz words and endless promotion actually lies a decent product. And the last few years of Azure have seen significant improvement worth considering. What is Azure? According to Microsoft, Azure is »

An uplyfting experience

Peer Ridesharing I spent this last Fourth of July on vacation in San Francisco, with side trips to Yosemite thrown in the mix. I found myself (along with the wife and in-laws) in need of transportation quite often, especially in the city. For a first time in the city, the public transportation scheme is a bit overwhelming. There is the large BART system, along with local buses, historical trams, and the famous cable cars. Navigating among the various systems seemed »

Creating a Simple User Control in C#

Why User Controls? For most of my projects, the built-in controls of Visual Studio are good enough to cover my needs. But once in awhile, I find the need for a complex control built specifically for a certain project. This is where UserControls come in handy, and as we will see, can be very powerful and not nearly as difficult as they might sound. Some good reasons to use User Controls: Portability: Once you have defined a User Control, it »