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Binding to an Image in C#

I am currently in the process of building my first WinRT Windows 8 store app: an app to assist teachers in student management. One of the features I'm including is the ability to take pictures of students and show the pictures of all the students in the classroom. So, I created a simple student class to hold all the student information (simplified view): public class Student { /// <summary> /// Unique ID for each student /// </summary> [DataMember] public int »

Choosing a blogging platform

Why a blog? Well, I decided it was time to start a blog, for the primary purpose of documenting my thoughts and methods on programming. Writing down my solutions to coding problems both helps me remember in the future and allows me the priviledge of contributing .0000001% towards the combined knowledge on the world wide web. Wordpress? The default answer for a blogging platform is definitely Wordpress. It's been around forever, has a ton of features, good support base, and »