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Creating a Simple User Control in C#

Why User Controls? For most of my projects, the built-in controls of Visual Studio are good enough to cover my needs. But once in awhile, I find the need for a complex control built specifically for a certain project. This is where UserControls come in handy, and as we will see, can be very powerful and not nearly as difficult as they might sound. Some good reasons to use User Controls: Portability: Once you have defined a User Control, it »

Binding to an Image in C#

I am currently in the process of building my first WinRT Windows 8 store app: an app to assist teachers in student management. One of the features I'm including is the ability to take pictures of students and show the pictures of all the students in the classroom. So, I created a simple student class to hold all the student information (simplified view): public class Student { /// <summary> /// Unique ID for each student /// </summary> [DataMember] public int »

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